«Better being beheaded a hundred times in the guillotine than being in charge of beheading others», Danton said in the Convention. Politically isolated, removed from
the Public Salvation Committee in July, 1793, before Robespierre, Danton founded together with Camille Desmoulins a moderate newspaper, (Vieux Cordelier), to campaign against terror. An extremely strong critic in relation to Robespierre, the newspaper was embargoed by order of the Public Salvation Committee. On the 28th of Ventôse (March 28), Fabre d’Eglantine and other deputies close to Danton were involved and processed for the financial scandal of the Company of the Indies. On the 9th of Germinal (March 29), Rosbepierre took advantage of a police operation against speculators and monarchist conspirators to stop Desmoulins and Danton. Fearing that Danton, due to his knowledge of the records and his speaking talent, had managed to turn the Revolutionary Tribunal to his side, a decree of the Convention was submitted to voting in order to outlaw the accused, who were executed, among a mass of speculators, on the 16th of Germinal of the year II (April 5, 1794).