Dear French friends, it is with great concern that we observe how the non-populist to the European Constitution gets stronger. Do the majority of the French actually want to be buried in the common grave of the right-wing and left-wing nationalists? We cannot accept this capitulation of reason. Rejecting the constitutional treaty would bring along with it chaotic consequences to the unification work to which we owe our peace; to your German neighbors who know that Europe can only be constituted with the participation of France; to Poland and to the rest of the new members of the Union, which France must not leave alone between the unified Germany and the Russian Empire; to the balance of the relationships with the United States; to France itself, which would become isolated upon saying no.
The Constitution does not respond to all of our ideals but constitutes an honest commitment. It represents the strengthening of the Parliament and its control work; the limitation of the right to veto essential decisions; the basis of a foreign policy and common defense without which Europe would be nothing among world powers; the guarantee of its market productivity and at the same time the protection of our social rights. French friends, it would be a mad thing to make the European Constitution pay for the consequences of your discontent towards the government. On the contrary, Europe can force your government, your parties, your business men and your trade unions to think and act in the most productive way. Fear does not give security, but it always portraits a sign of weakness, even an incitement to commit suicide. Without courage, there will be no survival. Neither for France. Nor for Germany. Nor for Poland. Nor for any of the old and new members of the European Union, which thanks to their Constitution, are having a secular dream come true. It is a debt contracted with the millions upon millions of victims of our senseless wars and our criminal dictatorships.

Le Monde (France)

A nos amis français”, by a group of German intellectuals, Le Monde, May 3, 2005.