A militant African independence fighter and renowned personality among the theorists of the African emancipation, Amilcar Cabrall has been fighting since 1957 against the Portuguese colonial power in Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde. After many years of fight, he announced in 1972 the establishment of the Peoples Assembly in Conakry aimed at preparing the independence. The Portuguese dictatorship asked Paris’ help to eliminate Cabral for de facto, Sekou Touré’s Guinea was being controlled by French oil interests. On May 22, 1972, General Spinola met in Paris with the representatives of SDECE (French intelligence) to implement the operation: “The Conakry Accords” included the launching of a disinformation campaign by SDECE among the Guinean militants in Conakry to discredit “foreign Cabral “(he was born in Cape Verde). An ex-guerrilla man, Inocencio Kani was the person in charge of supporting the thesis of the “settling of scores among militants”.The night of January 20, 1973, Amilcar Cabral was shot in front of his house by a SDECE’s Action Service Team directed by Kani.