According to the most authorized opinions, from the Left and the Right, the project of the Constitution would represent, if adopted, an important barrier against “the excesses of liberalism.” But the term “liberalism” is not the proper one for it actually characterizes the “laizzes-faire disorder.”
However, article III-314 clearly stipulates: “To establish a customs union, in accordance with article III-151, the Union contributes, in the common interest, to the harmonious development of the world trade, to the restrictions’ progressive abolition and direct foreign investments, as well as the reduction of tariff barriers and others.” Therefore, this Constitution does not protect from the “excess of liberalism” at all. On the contrary, this text institutionalizes the abolition of all protections of the national economies of the European Union. This article reintroduces article 131 of the Treaty of Rome and adds “the progressive abolition of the restrictions on direct foreign investments.” As I already showed in my book La Mondialisation. La destruction des emplois et de la croissance. L’évidence empirique , the imprudent implementation since 1974 of article 110 of the Treaty of Rome has caused an unprecedented massive unemployment and the progressive destruction of the industry and the agriculture.
In order to have a justification, article III-314 of the project of the Constitution should be substituted for the following article: “To preserve the harmonious development of the world trade, a reasonable community protection regarding the importations of third countries whose salary levels during the changes are fixed at incompatible levels with the suppression of all customs protections must be guaranteed.”

Le Monde (France)

«Aveuglement», by Maurice Allais, Le Monde, May 15, 2005.