Honorable Prime Minister, Dear Sir,
This is to inform you of my resignation from the post of Minister of the Diaspora and Jerusalem in your government. As you know, I oppose the retreat from Gaza as I consider that any concession in the peace process must be accompanied by democratic reforms. However, the retreat plan is not accompanied by any democratic reform. Therefore, it only strengthens terrorism. How is our retreat from Gaza going to strengthen democracy or help dismantle the terrorist organizations?
The founding principle of the retreat is the belief that upon leaving Gaza, we are going to leave behind Gaza’s problems. However, the only way to settle such problems is by supporting a Palestinian democratic society. Of course, that will take long. The retreat from Gaza is a tragic mistake that spoils the opportunity given by the recent change in the leadership of the Palestinian Authority.
The events in Ukraine, Kirghizstan, Lebanon and Egypt show the strength of the democratic transformations. Nonetheless, paradoxically speaking, Israel - the only democratic country in the region - does not believe enough in the power of freedom. Besides such concerns, I am afraid of the way in which the government is organizing the retreat because this divides the Israeli society.
Aware of the necessary governmental solidarity, I cannot longer participate in your government, Sir, even when I will continue to defend what we have built together.

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

« Why I am quitting your government », by Natan Sharansky, Jerusalem Post, May 3, 2005.