Ties between the United States and Israel are based on common interests and values that they both share. In view of these strong ties, we can disagree sometimes. But, there is a point in which our disagreement turns difficult. The core of the Bush administration policy in the region is democratization. It is the only possibility of having peace in the region. However, Jerusalem’s political leaders reject this approach and this makes the opposition of the department of State to George W. Bush’s policy worse and allows it to better resist Condoleezza Rice’s reform efforts.
George W. Bush’s policy, however, has brought about democratization in Lebanon as well as the development of democratic movements in Egypt or Kuwait. Nowadays, the United States accuses Syria. Damascus is the main bastion of terrorism in the region and the Mehlis report proves its involvement in the assassination of Rafic Hariri. So, this is a great opportunity to change the regime in the country. Unfortunately, Israel does not support this for it prefers a soft dictatorship and not a democracy. Assad’s regime is rotten inside; the coup de grâce should be a shot and the search for strong men in the Arab world should be stopped. Israel should collaborate with the United States.

Jerusalem Post (Israel)

Silence on Syria”, by Natan Sharansky, Jerusalem Post, October 27, 2005.