The removal from office of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney should be the basic theme of dominant political discourse. The report of a meeting held between George W. Bush and Tony Blair in the summer of 2002 demonstrates that Bush’s government falsified intelligence service reports to justify the invasion of Iraq. Bill Clinton was subjected to an impeachment process for perjury relating to his sexual relationships. A war of occupation is a much more serious action.
When the war was unleashed, reports from the International Organism of the Energy Atomic (OIEA) and earlier intelligence service reports demonstrated that Iraq did not possess weapons of mass destruction. Even Colin Powell stated that to be the case in February 2001. George Tenet begged Bush’s government to not use CIA reports to justify the war. The Defense Intelligence Agency (DAY) also communicated to Bush that evidence of the presence of weapons of mass destruction did not exist in Iraq. All intelligence services agreed, but this didn’t prevent the president from affirming in September 2002 that Iraq could launch an attack using chemical or biological arms within a period of 45 minutes.
For that we should begin to seek his removal from office.

The Boston Globe (United States)

" The ’I’ Word ," by Ralph Nader and Kevin Zeese, Boston Globe, May 31, 2005.