The result of the referendum has been a political fiasco, especially for Ukraine. However, I don’t believe this “no” to the Constitution to be a “no” to Ukraine’s entrance in the EU. And I say this so sure of myself because, according to the surveys conducted, such entrance is backed by almost all the countries of the EU. The rejection of the European Constitution Treaty (ECT) is, however, a complex issue. Consequently, Ukraine will continue to work for its integration.
That’s the reason of my visit to France. I want to work with French companies in the preparation of projects. In this respect, we are very much interested in associating with Gaz de France, though it won’t mean that we shall abandon Gazprom. For a long time, the relationships between Ukraine and Russia have obeyed the interests of certain persons. Regrettably, I feel that some politicians of the post-soviet world still think that they can subjugate their neighbors, using Stalinist methods. However, I have a feeling that such atmosphere is improving. The Russian direction knows that the team that came to power in Ukraine will be there for long and that Yanukovych’s return is unlikely.
In contrast to what has been said, President Viktor Yushchenko and I have excellent relations. And that should last a decade at least! Problems arise from certain people who are in the government only to defend their own interests. Those persons will someday be compelled to leave. I myself gave up my personal things to devote myself to politics and that’s the reason why the old government furiously attacked me and my family.
We must fight the mafia that seized hold of the Ukrainian economy during Kuchma’s term. But the Mijail Khodorkovsky’s case is the illustration of what we don’t want to do. That is a selective, manipulated and therefore counterproductive sort of justice. It’s exactly this what we want to avoid.

Le Figaro (France)
Circulation: 350 000 copies. Property of Socpresse (founded by Robert Hersant, it is owned today by planes manufacturer Serge Dassault). This is the reference journal of the French right.

Augmenter nos efforts pour adhérer à l’UE”, by Yuliya Tymoshenko, Le Figaro, June 14, 2005. This text has been adapted from an interview.