EU long-standing members seem to doubt now the future of the Union, but we, in Ukraine, continue to see it in hope and admiration. Entering the EU is the central project of our foreign policy.
Europe is an indivisible whole. If a European nation is not free, the rest isn’t completely. We would never like to see a split Europe. A Europe of peace and prosperity need be spread all over its territories. Some say that Ukraine is not a part of Europe, but you only have to go to Kiev and talk with the people there to realize that this is not true. Ukraine’s future is that of Europe and Ukrainians are working hard to build it. We know that it won’t be easy. It is our hope to form the same bonds with Russia that France has with Germany. The EU has proved that even when a country has occupied another, reconciliation is possible.
The orange revolution allowed Ukraine to put and end to a century of totalitarian regimes. Now we see our future in the person of Viktor Yushchenko,

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