Yesterday’s Tony Blair speech at the European Parliament showed he is still one of the best communicators of our time. There was not even a single paragraph I disagreed with. What Blair did was a presentation of the social advances the New Labor has achieved since he got power. By doing it, he lashed the caricatures of the British government that present it as a government which in the name of the market harm the haves- not.
However, it is surprising people are not aware of the social aspect of the Labor’s policy. But Blair hardly mentions it. It would very helpful for the British presidency at the European Union if the Prime Minister insist more on it. Besides, no European parliamentarian interested on social justice opposes Tony Blair vision on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), a policy that benefits few people in Europe and destroys the African economies. Not even the very same French Socialist Party is willing to defend the CAP in its present form.
Nevertheless, the British team has not been able to get a consensus on this issue and create a coalition to address it. Our isolation in Europe prevents us from influencing the European Union and fosters Euro-skepticism in our country.

The Guardian (United Kingdom)

Blair can get Europe behind him”, by Robin Cook, The Guardian, June 24, 2005.