Friday of July 1, 2011 like many other Fridays has seen huge rallies in Tripoli’s Green Square. It is very hard to get an accurate number of the mass of people that have attended these rallies. Estimates have placed the size of the July 1st rally in Green Square at one million people or more. In Libya it is said that the rally reached about 1.7 million people. The rallies have been taking place almost weekly in Tripoli and other Libyan cities, including Sabha on July 8, 2011.

Public opinion in North America and Western Europe has been misinformed. People in Western Europe and North America are not even aware that these mass rallies have taken place. These massive rallies express the Libyan people’s patriotism and their firm opposition to NATO’s war of aggression on Libya.

The large majority of the Libyan population is opposed to the Benghazi-based Transitional Council. On the contrary the majority of the population supports Muammar Qaddafi. These rallies clearly indicate the significant popular support for Colonel Qaddafi in contrast to the standard claims of mainstream media. It has only been since July 15, 2011 that the mainstream media has begun to reverse this trend slightly, which is tied to agreement NATO is trying to secretly secure with Tripoli.

These rallies continue late into the night and have proliferated across Libya from Tripoli to Sirte. The mainstream media has either casually dismissed the significance of these massive public gatherings directed against NATO intervention or has failed to even report them.

The following are pictures of Libyans converging on Green Square on July 1, 2011. These pictures also show that the mainstream media was present and aware of these rallies. So what is preventing them from reporting the truth? Why are some of these journalists claiming that only a few thousand people attended?

It is important to note that the pictures were taken at the start of the event when the rally was not at full mass. People as far away as the Western Mountains travelled into Tripoli to participate in the event. Libyans headed throughout the day into the night towards Green Square. Highways and roads leading towards Green Square were packed. At the height of the rally, the number of people was significantly larger than what is conveyed in the pictures.

The reports can clearly see all the Libyans going to Green Square.
Representative of the U.S. and British press looking at the throngs going to Green Square.
As can clearly be seen a large portion of Libyans are black-skinned.
International press the Libyans
The highways and roads towards Green Square are packed.