The president of the commission and Computer Science Director of the Ministry of Defense, Luis Bracho Magdaleno, informed that this project seeks to unify all the Venezuelan State computer networks, in order to provide support to each of the plans carried out by the government.

“The computer technology and communication potential of this macro-network or mega-network would surpass all expectations and existing networks in Latin America, since there are networks in the country of a very high quality, such as those of the state owned oil company (Pdvsa) and the Armed Force, which coupled in one great network, to serve the same objectives, would have a fundamental value from the operational point of view.” , he said.

“It’s a matter of concentrating all the economic resources that are dispersed individually in each of the networks, on a common objective, and thus make technological and scientific innovations on these networks".

Bracho said that this grand network will provide the necessary support to all the different plans forwarded by the government, and cited as examples “making computer science available in Bolivarian schools, and improving the Mercal (government sponsored popular food provision shop and supermarket chain) commercialization system”

As for the financial resources, he explained that this network would have a much lower cost than the current cost the networks undertake individually.

He also referred to processing of identification and social security data “which we need to make circulate safely. Therefore, we think that an agency should exist that gathers all these security measures and technological standards of computer network linkage, and undertakes the design and set up of a protective shield against any type of aggression” he explained.

He pointed out that the Venezuelan state should favor free software,“however, our current technological dependence has compelled us to rely on commercial software programs, with their limitations and lack of security features in their design”

Published in Quantum No 32