Carlos Mendoza Potellá.

The recent proposal by Russian president Vladimir Puting, to form an organization of gas exporting countries will be very beneficial for our country, said the Venezuelan ambassador in Moscow Carlos Mendoza Potellá.

The diplomat expressed that he was surprised that the proposal comes from the world’s first producer of gas, an indication of the need to consolidate alliances among producers, to defend their prices, cooperate in the development of the market, establish production policies, and coordinate the growth of the offer.

“If Russia, the world’s first gas producer, proposes an association to defend its prices, it seems a surprising and useful proposal to me, considering our positive experience with the creation of the Opec. We producers should take advantage of our gas and agree on policies”, affirmed Mendoza.

He pointed out that that this initiative was discussed with the ambassador of Bolivia, a gas producer and exporter, and affirmed that he also agrees on the need for this initiative to be carried out.
Mendoza also mentioned the recent agreements with Colombia on this issue, including the construction of a gas pipeline that will supply the west of Venezuela for five years, the expected life span for this reservoir.

“Colombia will supply us with gas for 5 years, and afterwards we will supply them. These arrangements can be made among our countries in order to strengthen our integration process”, he stated..

The Venezuelan ambassador, indicated that these associations are useful and didactical, since they reinforce cooperation policies among producers. “These measures are taken with almost all kinds of raw material production. What happens is that they don’t have as strong an impact as when it comes to oil”

Published in Quantum N.38