Detlev Mehlis, head of the UN Commission investigating the assassination of Rafic Hariri, told Der Stern magazine that he knew his report would make the campaign against Syria easier and that he understood what Hans Blix has felt. However, contrary to Blix who has admitted he suffered pressure, Detlev Mehlis says he acted freely.
Let’s analyze this report to judge its impartiality.
In paragraph 8 of the report, he said there’re some convergent elements that indicated the responsibility of the Lebanese and Syrian leaders in an action described as terrorist. This observation is interesting in two ways. First, the American and British leaders have always prevented the involvement of the Lebanese. Second, John Bolton has always been against presenting the action of a state as “terrorist”. Paragraph 9 asks for the investigation to go on while Condoleezza Rice and Jack Straw demand immediate actions. The report does not rule out either the fact that Rafic Hariri might have been killed for motives related to the mafia.
Mehlis, likewise, acted in an admirable way when he decided not to reveal the names of the suspects, but the “leak” to the press of the names of these suspects was less admirable. Because of that, witnesses remained anonymous, but not the accused. What a convenient situation! The report affirms that Syrians always knew where Hariri was. But, if this were the case, why carry out a bomb attack that leaves so many compromising elements covering a zone wide enough to affect somebody in the wrong position, instead of using a sniper? Using a sniper is more discreet, leaves less evidences and it would have been more favorable for Syria that knew it was being threatened by the United States.
After the lies about Iraq and in view of the place that Syria occupies on the list of the neoconservatives’ targets, one must be extremely distrustful. Especially when questioning this international investigation. This was not done when Arafat, Sadat, Nasser, and Allende died. It was not done either when Yushchenko was poisoned. Why? Because these investigations did not favour the interests of the West. So, let’s not follow this suspicious political game.

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Has Syria been ’blixed’?”, by Linda S. Heard, Gulf News, October 21, 2005.