Answering questions at the Axis for Peace International Conference about Washington’s destabilization policy against Syria, Hassan Salloum, president of Syria Alghad, a research institute on Syria’s political modernization, gave details on his country’s political developments, which could imply a direct US military intervention. Taking the Syrian case to more general terms and connecting it to other threatened countries, he stressed the need of unity among Arab countries. “20th century colonizations have frequently led up to the separation of countries. It is all aimed at wiping out collective history of some nations in order to divide them on the basis of secondary issues, like the case of the Golan Heights in Syria and Lebanon, or like in the case of religious trends in Iraq. Despite all that, the Arab World has shown the willingness to face that fact. And those with that willingness have to be united in order to reconstruct the Arab World both from the cultural and the political points of view.