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Contents of N°89


• 1313 Will NATO member states individually or collectively go to war against Russia?


• 1314 In 1983, a Canadian Nazi awarded an honorary degree to the future King Charles III
• 1315 Congress diverts part of semiconductor industry plan to Pentagon
• 1316 Donald Trump pledges to withdraw the United States from Ukraine
• 1317 Chuck Schumer denounces Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to the United States
• 1318 House of Representatives Releases Hunter Biden Case Documents
• 1319 Pentagon claims that Russia has installed weapons in space against allied satellites
• 1320 China Report on Human Rights in the United States


• 1321 Boris Johnson receives a delegation from the Azov regiment
• 1322 Rishi Sunak proposes to reinstate compulsory military service
• 1323 France prepares to adopt a law prohibiting extra-European political influence
• 1324 French public broadcasting is not neutral
• 1325 Belgium, Spain and Portugal sign security agreements with Ukraine
• 1326 Rapprochement of the French and German points of view
• 1327 Annalena Baerbock heckled over her pro-Israel policies
• 1328 Denmark and the recognition of the State of Palestine
• 1329 According to Radosław Sikorski, the Pentagon planned to retaliate against the use of tactical nuclear bombs in Ukraine
• 1330 Investigation into Robert Fico’s assassination attempt points to the involvement of a group of people
• 1331 According to Viktor Orbán, European media and politicians are preparing their public opinion for a war against Russia
• 1332 European Union tries to circumvent Hungarian sovereignty
• 1333 The European Union and the United Nations
• 1334 The European Council consults Arab States
• 1335 Europeans are becoming less and less supportive of the EU, according to Allianz
• 1336 Norway closes its borders to Russian tourists
• 1337 Georgia finally adopts the Foreign Interference Law
• 1338 Armenian ultra-nationalists against Soros’ man
• 1339 Belarus suspends the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe
• 1340 Volodymyr Zelensky accuses Russia of burning Ukrainian books
• 1341 NATO still fails to use its guided munitions in areas covered by Russian EW
• 1342 The Ukrainian army announces that it has already signed the dispatch of French instructors
• 1343 Ukraine attacks an element of Russian nuclear defense
• 1344 Ukraine uses authorized and unauthorized chemical weapons
• 1345 Ukrainian Unit N°110 would perform medical experiments on living Russian prisoners
• 1346 Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s revelations cast a disturbing light on the privatization of Soviet public goods
• 1347 Vladimir Putin wants his country to maintain its technological lead in armaments
• 1348 According to Moscow, the only purpose of the Conference on the "Ukrainian Peace Formula" is to legitimize the unelected President Volodymyr Zelensky
• 1349 The FSB claims that the attack on the Crocus City Hall was organized by the Ukrainian services
• 1350 Ukrainian peace proposal by China and Brazil


• 1351 China supports Egypt
• 1352 Washington dissuades Tunis from allying with Moscow
• 1353 Daesh encroaches on al-Qaeda in the Horn of Africa
• 1354 Kenya recognized as a "major non-NATO ally"
• 1355 Chadian Prime Minister Succès Masra resigns


• 1356 Israel takes retaliatory measures against Spain
• 1357 Israel Katz accuses Ali Khamenei and Yahya Sinwar of wanting to eliminate the Israelis and Pedro Sánchez of being their accomplice
• 1358 IDF investigates 70 alleged violations of the laws of war
• 1359 IDF appoints a commission to supervise military prisons
• 1360 Attack on UNRWA camp in Rafah
• 1361 Omnipresence of Israeli military censorship
• 1362 A Commission of Inquiry into the Hidden Origin of the October 7 Attack and the Equivocal IDF Response
• 1363 Benny Gantz reportedly makes a secret pact with the Haredim against Benjamin Netanyahu
• 1364 Mossad tried to blackmail and turn over ICC prosecutor Fatou Bensouda
• 1365 Human toll of Operation Iron Sword
• 1366 Palestine is supported by China at the UN
• 1367 Hassan Nasrallah promises surprises to Israel
• 1368 EU renews unilateral coercive measures against Syria
• 1369 Saudi Arabia reopens its embassy in Damascus
• 1370 Iran exports 3.6 million barrels of oil per day
• 1371 The International North-South Transport Corridor (NSTC) could cross Afghanistan
• 1372 Sheikh Hasina denounces US entry into the Bay of Bengal
• 1373 North Korea fails to launch a second spy satellite
• 1374 Sino-Japanese-South Korean summit
• 1375 China offers to mediate in the Red Sea conflict
• 1376 PLA simulates capture of Taiwan


• 1377 The United Nations General Assembly establishes a world day to commemorate the Srebrenica genocide
• 1378 The International Court of Justice orders Israel to withdraw from Rafah
• 1379 NGOs call on the ICC to prosecute Ursula von der Leyen for "complicity in war crimes"
• 1380 SCO resists the "three forces" set in motion by the "collective West"
• 1381 10th Ministerial Conference of the China-Arab States Cooperation Forum