The terrible Hitlerian problem is brought about again by Muslim immigrants [1], that the French Minister of Interior describes as the “rabble” and which commit acts of violence in the outskirts of Paris.
However, Jacques Chirac criticized his Minister of Interior before criticizing the rioters. The French media, for their part, excuse them by talking about the poverty and the unemployment Muslims suffer. But the truth is that if they don’t have jobs it is because they don’t meet the requirements to get them. It’s an ignoramus population that is only good at committing crimes, that does not speak French properly, refuses to integrate into the French culture and believes that being a Muslim is more important than being French. Most of rioters are second or third generation immigrants whose parents and grandparents entered France illegally. The simplest thing would be sending them back to Africa but they boast about having French citizenship.
In view of their fertility rate, Muslims could represent 30% of the French population in 20 years. In many slums of French cities, Muslims are already the majority among those under 30 years old. The arrogant French culture is suffering a self-genocide nobody reacts to and, in demographic terms, it’s being Islamized.
Perhaps Nicolas Sarkozy can defeat the rioters, become the President of the Republic, tell Muslims that France is a European and Christian country and that if they don’t like this, they can return to live in a Muslim country. Maybe, but I don’t think so. However, I do wish “Sarko”, as his admirers call him, good luck.

To The Point (United States)

Is Paris Burning”, by Jack Wheeler, To The Point, November 3, 2005.

[1We have used the term “Muslim” to translate the word “Moslem” used by the author. However, this is not a good translation. Actually, the English word for “Muslim” is “Muslim” and not “Moslem” which is an archaic term that is no longer used for its pejorative meaning. The author systematically uses “Moslem”. To highlight this, “Muslim” will be written in italics