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Irak 2005 military report: the Pentagon’s cynicism


War has intensified in Iraq; hundreds of thousands civilians, military and Iraqis have been killed, but the American army is pleased with the report of year 2005 because of the stabilization of the official figures with regard to its contingent’s losses.
In fact, if we check the Pentagon’s figures published on Sunday, January 22, 2006, we again can seriously question the openly said goals of the Bush Administration regarding Iraq. We found out that the amount of attacks launched by the resistance went from 26 496 in 2004 to 34 131 in 2005, that is, a 30% increase. With regard to car bombs, attacks doubled to reach the figure of 870 last year; the Pentagon described half of them as suicide attacks and provocations by the resistance.
Despite this increase of violence in the country, the number of officially-murdered American soldiers remained stable, that is 845 (vs. 844 in 2004) and the number of wounded went from 7 990 to 5 939.

The Pentagon is pleased because of the decrease of casualties among American troops when the number of attacks have been increased. This is explained by the fact that the 227 000 Iraqi soldiers that are now part of the occupation forces are the ones who suffer the losses. But counting the Iraqi dead people, civilians or military, is not useful. Once American troops are better protected, the shares of Exxon, BP and Shell are doing better thanks to the annexed Iraqi oil reserves. Petro-euros are forbidden in the country. The rest can be considered as part of the Iraqi private affairs.

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