Sudan’s Liberation Army movement expresses is views on the role being played by the British government to solve the crisis in our country. The movement thanks the British Minister of Foreign Affairs for his presence at negotiations; the movement is even more thankful for the fact that he is the first European foreign minister to have taken that step. The movement also thanks his statement confirming the strong willingness of the United Kingdom and its commitment to develop peace and democracy in Sudan, at the same time that calls for respect for human rights and the sovereignty of the law.
The movement confirms the views of Jack Straw on the Sudanese crisis. In other words, the movement shares his views that the war must be excluded as the solution to the crisis. On the other hand, the conflict can only be solved by means of a political solution.
Our movement explains that the extension of negotiations and the failure to reach an accord before the end of last year was due to the stubbornness of the Jartum regime and its rejection of the advancement of the peace process, since it also opposes allowing the people of Darfur enjoy their legitimate rights.
We reiterate our full commitment to respect all protocols and agreements signed with the government, which we accuse of being behind the catastrophe facing Darfur. In that direction, the movement pledges itself to the call made by Straw and the compromise of his country to multiply efforts in order to have the UN 1591 resolution be enforced, what would allow the persecution and legal processing of those who have violated human rights and hampered the peace process.


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