The Iranian Nuclear Mushroom Grows

Iran, which owns three thousand centrifuges, and which stands in the face of the American Administration to preserve its nuclear programs, seems to be going ahead with its program. Despite the economic, military, and security threats which Iran is facing, yet, it insists on confronting these threats with complete courage. What worries the West with regard to that program is that owning 3000 centrifuges for long periods of time might be enough to produce enriched Uranium that is enough for making a nuclear bomb in about a year, if Iran wants to, and to be a basis to produce a nuclear fuel on the industrial level.
In continuation of the pressure exercised on Iran the site great countries agreed on imposing a third group of sanctions by the UN against Iran unless a report to be issued this month states that Tehran responded to questions on its nuclear program. For his part, President Ahamadinejad with regard to these decisions that they are issuing resolutions based on wrong information, pointing out to two resolutions issued by UN to impose sanctions on Iran. He further said that the Iran will not retreat for even for one inch.

Global Invests in Qatar

The World Global House “Global” announced that it would supervise two investment funds offered by Qatar Islamic Bank a few days ago with a total capital of two billions Qatari riyals.

Jadwa Company is Granted 30% of Exson Mobile Share}

The Saudi Aramco company and mobile United Petroleum “Exon-Mobile” announced yesterday that they signed an agreement with Jawa Investment Company according to which Jadwa will be granted the share of Exon mobile company in the project of Lubricants Oils refinery “Luberef”, estimated at 30% of the company’s capital.

“The Trade Centers” Company Invests 48 million Euros for Building a Trade Center in Algeria

The Trade Centers Company in Algeria intends to invest 48 million Euros for building a trade and entertaining center in Bab al Zewar area in the capital Algeria. According to supervisor of the project, the center will create about 1000 job opportunities, adding that the center will represent 60 trade marks, service and luxurious facilities on three levels.

Syria Calls British Businessmen to Invest in the Country

Syrian Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Mr. Abdullah al Dardari called the British businessmen to invest in Syria, promising to offer all facilities to make their investments successful. During his discussions in London, Mr. Dardri pointed out that the British experience might be helpful in developing business and investment sector in Syria.

China is Iran’s First Economic and Trade Partner

Iranian Deputy Foreign Ministry Ali Rida Sheikh Attar, who is visiting the Chinese city Sheann to attend the conference of the economic association of Orasia countries, said that China is the first economic and trade partner of Iran.
According to the Iranian official, there will be an increase in the volume of trade exchange between Iran and China of $20 bn by the end of 2007.

Small Indexes

 Newspaper reports said that Thailand’s exports from rice will reach this year 9 million tons to achieve revenues of $3.5 bn.
 Euro’s prices have hit a record on Wednesday morning exceeding for the first time the level of 47.1 per one dollar.
 Gold prices have sharply risen at the beginning of the European dealings yesterday reaching 833.50-834.30 dollars per one ounce after it reached their highest levels ever since 28 years in the Asian dealings by $836.75.

Companies’ Indexes

 Emirates Airlines Company owned by Dubai’s government, announced that it achieved big profits during the first half of the fiscal year 2007-2008 with $643 m with an increase of 99% compare to the same period of last year.
 The holding Dubai Company has been granted a loan of $1.26 bn from Morgan Stanley Bank plus full guarantees.
 The Kuwaiti “Dar al-Estesmar” Company for Islamic Investments said that its net profits have increased by 33% in the third quarter of the year.
 The profits of the Jordanian al Ahli Bank before cutting the taxes during the first nine months of this year have reached 19.58 million dinars compared to 25.14 million dinars recording a decline of 28.3% compared to the same period of 2006.

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