An Event and a Regional Trend

An Israeli –US Failure in Gaza

The Palestinian condition is still the first Arab event and the developments that the viewers follow up on the satellite television stations’ screens nurture the enthusiasm of the Arab people and the sympathy of the world and generate movements and protests for supporting the Palestinian people and condemning the racial discrimination and the collective punishment imposed on Palestinians:
- 1. The continuity of the Palestinian field steps to confront the closure and an Egyptian attempt to reclose the crossings due to Israeli and US pressures.
- 2. Concluding the Palestinian conference in Damascus and issuing political and practical decisions that form a framework for the confrontation and moving on the track of returning the Palestinian dialogue and stressing the principle of the national unity.
- 3. An Israeli extensive discussion on the failure in Gaza and the impossibility of betting on collective punishments, while the Israeli circles expect Winograd’s report. The available information talked about condensed US pressures to prevent dismantling the government and delay this until the beginning of the summer.

An event and a Lebanese Trend

A New Crime, Contest and Anticipation

The Lebanese public opinion focused on a new assassination operation that targeted an active security institution. Many questions were posed on the goals of assassinating the technical official in the branch of information in the internal security. The operation panicked the population in a vital area in Beirut.
The distinguished features of the press and political scene are the following:
- 1. The loyalists moved quickly to accuse Syria and hold it responsible for every security incident while the opposition, which vehemently condemned the crime, stressed the danger of the continuity of the crimes and the government’s inability to preserve security.
- 2. The army’s leadership declaration that general Michel Suleiman called president Basahr Al-Assad and the Syrian military leadership and received secretary general of the Syrian-Lebanese council. The army’s leadership’s sources also talked about Suleiman’s meeting with secretary general of Hezbollah. These indicators were put in the category of containing important remarks by the Lebanese opposition concerning stands and communications attributed to the approved candidate.
- 3. Press information about a Qatari-French discussion of the names of candidates other than Suleiman which include Riad Salamah, Jean Obeid and Fares Buez. Some Lebanese papers said Syria is outside these communications while Paris issued a statement which proves that the foreign minister’s is marginal before the presidential apparatus.
- 4. Anticipating the decisions of the Arab league council which may give a new opportunity for the efforts of Amr Musa while the information talked about Egypt’s adoption of a governmental formation that reflects the interpretation of the house speaker for the second item of the Arab foreign ministers’ initiative concerning the government.
- 5. The continuity of solidarity with the Palestinian people and the continuity of activities in Lebanon to express the rejection of the siege and clinging to the right to return.
- 6. The continuity of the popular anger which resulted from the economic deterioration and the appearance of more indicators concerning the movements of the syndicates in the coming period.
- 7. A provocative and tough speech by the US ambassador Jeffrey Feltman which targeted the secretary general of Hezbollah and the national liberal trend and used the old vocabulary of schism in the East.

Arab and International Press

Al-Bayan said in its editorial that the disaster of the Israeli siege of Gaza and the Arab reactions and stands proved the importance of moving from words to action.
Tichrin daily said what happened in Rafah is a popular message that confirms to the Arabs and their leaders that the national spirit is still inhabiting the Arab bodies.
The Iranian paper Aser said that 7.200 persons enlisted to enter the race of the parliamentary elections and the possible candidates will compete on 290 seats.
The Emirate paper al-Khalij said Israel proves everyday its racism and aggressiveness.
The Saudi paper al-Watan said the Chevrolet explosion in Beirut is related to the file of investigations into the assassination of the former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq al-Hariri.
The Iranian paper Goya said accusations escalated among the political forces due to the shortage in cleaners.

Satellite Stations’ Interviews

Special Interview
Head of Hamas’s political office Khalid Mishal said the Palestinian national conference which was held in Damascus was held to enhance national unity and activate the role of the Palestinians abroad.

Satellite Stations’ Interviews

The Syrian satellite station quoted a Syrian official source as saying that Syria condemns Beirut’s explosion which targets Lebanon’s security.

Lebanese Press

As-Safir said the explosion took place in the most difficult area on the security and intelligence level as if the doers want to say that they can reach any place in Lebanon.
Al-Akhbar said that the big terrorist explosion that targeted the mind of information in the internal security forces did not deal a deadly blow to the political discussions inside and outside Lebanon which aim at solving the presidential file.
Ad-Diyar said Lebanese visitors to Damascus stressed that Syria’s relations with the army’s leader are very good and Syria clings to the Arab initiative.

Television Stations’ News

Al-Manar said that the criminal hand targeted again the security of the Lebanese people through this recent explosion in al-Hazimiyah.
The NTV said Wesam Eid was killed in the absence of security which enabled the planners to carry out their crimes.
The NBN called for protecting the country’s security and give up ready accusations.
The OTV said Cairo meeting will be held tomorrow in the presence of two Lebanese delegations.
The LBC wondered if there is a relation between the assassination of Wesam Eid and Rafiq Hariri’s file.
The Future said the crime which also killed innocent civilians caused angry reactions including Saad Hariri’s call for the Arabs to lift the hand of the Syrian regime from Lebanon.

Television Stations’ Interviews in Lebanon

Program: The Hour’s Talk
Representative Nabeel Nicola said that Wesam Eid possesses information about the assassinations wondering who leaked the information to the criminals.
Former President Emile Lahoud said the country is vulnerable on the security and political level and we want to know the identity of the security organs in the country.
Journalist Antoine Saad said instead of unifying ranks the crimes increase divisions.

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