Paul David Wellstone; July 21, 1944 - October 25, 2002

This week, Senator Al Franken takes office after a vicious and wasteful court battle with former Senator Norm Coleman. Coleman’s election, over 6 years ago, was the result of the mysterious death of Senator Paul Wellstone, his wife, daughter and 4 others. Wellstone was Karl Rove’s number one political enemy.

This isn’t a "stand alone" death. In Ohio, recently, Mike Connell, slated to testify on rigging election machines at the bidding of Karl Rove, died in a mysterious plane cash. Connell had sought police protection stating that Rove had threatened his life.

Two Bush "elections" were based on Mike Connell’s work for Karl Rove.

John Ashcroft was beaten in the Missouri senate race in 2000 by Gov. Mel Carnahan (already killed at the time), who also was a Rove enemy who died in a mysterious plane crash. Back in 1991, Senator John Heinz, a Republican, broke with the party and supported national health care, recognition of Cuba and other "liberal agendas. He had a mysterious plane crash too.

Senator John Tower, who chaired the Iran/Contra hearings tying the Reagan administration to weapons and drug smuggling died in a mysterious plane crash. Congressman Hale Boggs, of the Warren Commission died just after announcing that he felt the commissions findings were a coverup and that Oswald, if involved, was assisted by a team of shooters. His crash was very mysterious also. Who did JFK Jr. anger enough? These are the famous people "whacked mob style." The list of "not so famous is like a phone book."

The Wellstone family deaths were especially tragic. Senator Wellstone was one of the most independent and courageous members of Congress and one of those most hated by the Bush Whitehouse.

Now, 6 years later, Senator Norm Coleman has finally conceded his seat, won under brutally curious circumstances.

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