Delegates from 27 countries urged Washington to put an end to its commercial, financial and economic blockade, and passed a declaration of solidarity with the people and government of the Caribbean nation.

The text demands that the administration of President Barack Obama complies with a resolution approved on Wednesday by the UN General Assembly entitled “Necessity of Ending the Financial, Commercial and Economic Blockade of the United States against Cuba”, which received the support of 187 countries and the opposition of only three nations, including the United States.

Meanwhile, in Berlin, Wolfgang Gehrcke, a member of the German federal Parliament, praised the UN General Assembly’s rejection of the US blockade against Cuba and recalled that this unilateral measure violates international law and hinders the island’s social and economic development.

Prensa Latina reports that Gehrcke, a representative of the Die Linke (The Left) socialist party and spokesperson for international relations, also criticized the negative effects of the US hostile policy on the development of the Cuban technological and health systems.

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