During the meeting, delegates will deepen into the latest advances on the treatment of diabetic patients, high blood pressure, sexually transmitted diseases, labor prevention, obesity, traumas, workers’ stress, and health trade unions and their affiliates.

With the Center for Medical and Surgical Research as its main venue, the Congress is sponsored by the Cuban Workers Confederation, the ministries of Public Health and Tourism, and the Pan-American and World health organizations.

Doctor Eugenio Selman-Housein, president of AMECA and of the event’s Organizing Committee, explained that the Congress is also co-sponsored by the Ibero-Latin American Society of Surgeons and the Cuban Society of Bio-engineering, and well as by the National Council of Scientific Societies.

The event is held annually and is attended by specialists in occupational medicine,
technicians in safety and health at work, and doctors, among other specialists.

Members from some 40 countries in The Americas, the Caribbean and Europe make up the AMECA, a non-governmental organization that gathers doctors, dental surgeons, psychologists, sociologists, nurses, technicians, health administrators and communicators devoted to the fields of science and technology.

Founded on October 26, 1994, during a congress held in Cuba, the Caribbean Medical Association has, among its objectives, the promotion of cooperation for the development of health in all nations and help wherever necessary in case of disasters.

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