During the night of Saturday and Sunday, 10 to 11 April 2010, the seat of the Mexican weekly Contralínea was broken into by unidentified individuals. They ransacked the administrative and editorial offices, taking away the documentation related to several ongoing investigations in addition to the computers.

Contralínea built its reputation on the basis of its investigations into national security, government corruption, white collar crimes, drug trafficking, money laundering, and social issues like poverty, marginalization and the guerrilla.

For the past three years, the magazine has been the target of systematic harassament: threats against the journalists and their families, repeated trials, arbitrary detentions, pressures against advertisers, etc.

The Human Rights National Commission (CNDH), in its recommendation 57/2009 adopted on 14 September 2009, established that the judicial and executive powers of Mexico had violated the rights of Contralíanea’s journalists.

Contralínea is a affiliated to Voltaire Network, a non-aligned press network.