The Lebanese Ministers of Defence and Telecommunications have cracked the Israeli mobile phone espionage system.

By recruiting spies in communication companies, Tel-Aviv is in a position to join a telephone line with that of any mobile phone in Lebanon. Thus, it is not only possible to eavesdrop on conversations, but also to manipulate the connection data appearing on cell phone statements (number of incoming and outgoing calls, date and time of connection, call duration, caller’s and recipient’s locations).

Furthermore, it transpired that the so-called protection software actually facilitated the task of the Israeli spies, offering them direct access through the "back doors" of the system.

In the circumstances, the study on the mobile phone connection data which exerted a crucial influence on the Special Tribunal for Lebanon is no longer taken seriously. The falsified data prompted false accusations against four suspects for the assassination of Rafic Hariri, leading to their abusive detention for a period of four years.

In this context, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri has scheduled a visit to Tehran on Saturday.