Shooting is heard in Al-Mraijah neighborhood and activists talk about RPGs have been fired on the neighborhood by armed rebels.

A vehicle with 10 gunmen, 135 guns and 10 RPGs is seized in Homs; 24 gunmen riding a bus in Al-Braij area get arrested with their weapons and hand bombs.

Abd Al-Rahman Masha’an Battar, who is known for his loyalty to the government, gets killed in Karm Al-Zeitoun neighborhood during clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels.

Ahmad Al-Hafez, who is against the government, is released in Palmyra area of Homs countryside.

Activists: armed rebels surrender themselves after they attack a security checkpoint in Al-Bayyada neighborhood.

Gunmen assault the residents of Rableh village of Al-Ksair area and some families, known for their loyalty to the government, leave their houses after being threatened.

A family of 7 members arrives to Al-Watani hospital of Homs after they were injured by the RPGs firing on houses located in A’aisoun village.

Activists talk about armed rebels on monocycles spreading in Al-Hosen, Al-Zarah and Talkalakh areas.

Gunmen burn tires and cut off Al-Hosen – Wadi Al-Nadara road located in Homs countryside for what anti-government activists called “dignity’s disobedience”.

3 dead security men, 2 of them are Officers, and 10 injuries arrive to the military hospital of Homs.

Clashes between the security force and armed rebels result in the death of rebels and the release of 6 security men who have been kidnapped from Al-Ksair security unit.

Clashes between the security force and gunmen take place nearby Al-Hsainya exit and lead to the death of a number of gunmen and a security man.

A civilian dies and 4 others get injured due to an attack on a house in Al-Ghouta neighborhood carried out by armed rebels.

3 insurgents riding a stolen vehicle full of weapons clash with the security force in Homs.

The ministry of Higher Education postpones Al-Baath University’s exams; the date will be announced later.

Smoke escalates from Baba Amr neighborhood; activists talk about shooting and bombing in the neighborhood.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Waer Al-Kadeem, Al-Ghouta and Bab Draib neighborhoods; anti-government activists talk about causalities happen in Al-Kossour and Al-Mala’ab neighborhoods.


Armed rebels assassinate the businessman Mahmoud Ramadan in Halab Al-Jadeda neighborhood; the Facebook page “ tansekeat Halab” which is against the government announces the assassination.

Insurgents who were shooting in Maysaloun neighborhood get arrested; a sound bomb is heard in Masaken Hanano area.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Aleppo University.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Sakhour, Al-Marjeh and Al-Halk neighborhoods.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Bab, Bazzaa’a and Abeen Samaa’a towns of Aleppo countryside.


A video shows gunmen forming “ Sokour Al-Sahraa’” battalion in Al-Khwain Al-Kabeer town of Edlib countryside and announcing their enrollment in the Free Army Militia.

Armed rebels attack mayor’s building of Sanjar area and steal everything in it; others burn a building belongs to the Baath party in Ba’ez Mareen village.

Sliman Salim Haj Kaddour dies due to his injuries from clashes between the security force and armed rebels in Al-Madeek castle.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Khan Shekhoun area of Edlib countryside.

Clashes between the security force and gunmen after the later tried to cut off Kafr Takhareem – Salkeen road; causalities happen in both sides.

The Syrian Army arrest 15 gunmen and kill 2 others after their attempt to take over the mayor’s building of Kaish area of Khan Shekhoun.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Khan Sheksoun area, estimated by tens, in Hass toan, estimated by 200 people, and in Farkia town.

Hosam Yahya Barakat’s funeral takes place in Jabal Al-Zaweyah Mountain and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Evening anti-government gatherings occur in Jeser Al-Shoghour, Marat Al-Nouman and Sarakeb areas of Edlib countryside.


Activists: Mahmoud and Shaker Mhaimeed, who work as reporters for the Free Army Militia, get arrested in Al-Sawaa’ek neighborhood.

Anti-government activists: the Free Army Militia destroy 5 military vehicles in Al-Hamedia; it also fire on Naseh A’elwaney School; news on causalities.

Clashes between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Athraya area of Al-Salamia town and result in the death of Syrian soldiers Yasir Kheder Abbas and Hasan Kharfan Basha, the injury of Abd Al-Hakeem Hasan and the death of insurgents.

Clashes between insurgents from Tezeen and Al-Rbaia’a villages, who tried to cut off the main road, take place and force the Syrian Army to get involved.

Evening anti-government gatherings take place in Janoub Al-Mala’b, Bab Kabley and Al-Daheria neighborhoods.


Anti-government activists: a raid takes place in the northern side of Al-Hara area.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Al-Soura village of Dara’a countryside.

Mohammad Abd Al-Rahman Al-Haimed gets arrested in Al-Sanamain area for the second time after 10 days of his release.

An evening anti-government gathering occurs in Dara’a Al-Balad area; others take place in Inkhel, Tal Shehab and Tafas areas.

Mohammad Arfan’s funeral takes place in A’dwan town and turns into an anti-government gathering.

Damascus Countryside

Stores owners respond to the strike calls after armed rebels cut off the road in Barzeh neighborhood of Damascus countryside last night.

An all students anti-government gathering takes place in Al-Ma’ddamiah Al-Sham area.

Pro-government activists broadcast a video of Masaken Barzeh area that shows the stores open and denies what anti-government activists stated about the “civil disobedience” in Barzeh neighborhood.


Funerals of 12 soldiers and security men initiate from Damascus, Damascus countryside and Lattakia’s hospitals.
Anti-government wave the mandate flag over Al-Jouzah Bridge located above Al-Motahalek Al-Janouby in Kafr Sousa area.

Anti-government cut off the road nearby Al-Fahama roundabout; workers reopen it.

Pro-government activists deny what the opposition’s website pages posting on “the civil disobedience” in Damascus and broadcast videos ofKafr Sousa, Al-Mazzeh, Al-Sha’laan areas and Al-Omaween square.

Deir Al-Zour

The Officer Hammam Tourkey Ramadan gets kidnapped in Daer Al-Zour countryside while he was on his way to work.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Jbaileh, Al-Hamedia neighborhoods and in Al-Kouria town; shooting happens nearby Ghassan Abboud roundabout.


Dynamite sticks are thrown on security checkpoints located in Al-Ramel Al-Janouby area; shooting also happen in the area.

Unknows burn tires nearby Al-SHarea’a School and Al-Eskan Street located in Al-Slaibah neighborhood; 2 gunmen get arrested and the third one escaped after they fired in Antakia street last night.


Activists: a tanker contains 2000 liter of fuel, belongs to the Agriculture Department of Al-Hasaka, and prepared to be smuggled was seized last night.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Ghweran and Al-Shadady neighborhoods.