5 explosions are heard in Karm Al-Zeitoun neighborhood and shooting between the Syrian Army and armed rebels who have centered in the neighborhood; another explosion happens in Al-Hamedia neighborhood.

Activists: clashed between the Syrian Army and armed rebels take place in Baba Amr, Karm Al-Zeitoun, Al-Hamedia and Bostan Al-Dewan neighborhoods which prevented civilians from voting on the draft constitution.

Unknowns burn stores in Al-Naa’oura souq nearby Al-Saa’a Al-Kadema; fire flames reached Al-Maskouf souq.

Armed rebels shoot on Om Al-Zennar church located in Bostan Al-Dewan neighborhood and burn stores nearby it; pro-government activists say that stores owners were threatened before for their loyalty to the government.

The Free Army Militia attacks Al-Baath party’s building in Al-Hamedia neighborhood; only material damages recorded.

A foreign newspaper which participated in the negotiations held by the international committee of the Red Cross Organization: the Free Army Militia prevented us from entering Baba Amr neighborhood 2 times last night. The newspaper denies that the security force stopped 7 wounded people from going to the hospital.

Syrian Red Crescent Organization denies the news reported by some media sources on the volunteers being exposed to shooting in Baba Amr neighborhood; it also denies any French journalists to accompany any of its vehicles to get foreign journalists out of the neighborhood.

Anti-government activists talk about the killing of more than 20 soldiers and civilians in Al-Hamedia neighborhood while targeting military checkpoints and Al-Baath party’s building; they also broadcast a video shows the clashes between the Syrian Army and the gunmen.

8 mortar shells are fired on Al-Sabeel and Al-Abbasia neighborhoods resulting in the death of 4 civilians and the injury of 15 others; anti-government activists accuse radical Islamic militias of firing the shells.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Bayada, Al-Khaldia, Al-Kossour and Al-Waer Al-Kadeem neighborhoods; anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing 8 protesters.


The Syrian Army clashes with radical Islamic groups in Al-Mghara village resulting in the death of 5 gunmen, 3 of them are from foreign nationalities, and the injury of a soldier.

Robbery on two cars carrying 122 tons of coal happens in Sarakeb town.

Activists talk about heavy shooting happens in Khan Shekhoun area on this morning and a security spread appears in the area.

Abd Al-Rahman A’bsey Al-A’nflees dies in Marat Al-Nouman area due to his wounds from clashes with the security force.

Pro-government activists: Gunmen spread appears in neighborhoods of Edlib city and the passers on their way to vote on the draft constitution were threatened.

Armed rebels surrender themselves in Sarakeb area of Edlib countryside; 2 leaders of radical Islamic militias, Maher Zraik and Omar Al-Hsain, get arrested in AL-Zaweya Mountain.

4 explosion devices placed in between Kafr A’wed and Kensafra villages, located in Al-Zaweya Mountain, are dismantled.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Tah town and Kafr Nobl area of Edlib countryside.

Anti-government activists accuse the security force of killing Saleh Karteeb, who is known for organizing unlicensed demonstrations, in Basames village of Edlib countryside.

The funeral of Abd Al-Aziz Al-Abd Allah and his son Raten takes place in Bsalka town and turns into an anti-government demonstration.

Hasieba Bent Abd Al-Hameed Al-Abboud gets killed in Kafrouma town and activists accuse the security force of her death.

An anti-government rally estimated by 700 people takes place in Jerjnaz town.


3 massive explosions are heard in most of the city.

Unknowns are firing and bombing in Bab Kabley neighborhood.

An anti-government gathering estimated by 200 people occurs in Karnaz area; another evening one occurs in Al-Hamedia neighborhood.

Shooting happens in Halfaya area and anti-government activists talk about causalities.

Younis Mahmoud Al-Shara’an and Khalid Shehab get arrested in Kahmana town of Hama countryside under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations.

Deir Al-Zour

The Free Army Militia attacks the security checkpoint in Hajeen town resulting in the death of 3 of them and the injury of 5 security men.

Explosions are heard nearby Al-Dalla roundabout and Al-Seouf roundabout in Daer Al-Zour.

Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Tayana and Al-Khareta villages; another one estimated by 15 people occurs in Al-Hamedia neighborhood.

Anti-government activists: clashes between the Free Army Militia and the security force take place in Al-Jorthey village of Daer Al-Zour after many wanted men were arrested in the village.

An armed anti-government demonstration occurs in Al-Kouria area; the security force dispersed a gathering in Hasan Tah Street; shooting is heard in Albo Kamal area.

Damascus Countryside

Shooting happens in Douma town nearby Badran roundabout checkpoint and anti-government activists accuse the security force of the death of Firas Diaa’ Al-Lemonie.

130 armed rebels surrender themselves and their weapons in Al-Zabadani, Madaya and Bakkin areas.

Anti-government burn tires and cut off roads in Joubar neighborhood of Damascus countryside.

Anti-government activists: many stores owners respond to the strike calls in Al-Ma’ddamia area.

A security spread appears in Al-Kadam, Atana and Daraya areas and activists talk about the arrest of 7 people under the charges of organizing unlicensed demonstrations in Al-Kadam area and also about the injury of 4 people in Daraya.


Aljazeera TV channel talks about 5 deaths in Kafr Sousa neighborhood during an anti-government gathering that was dispersed by the security force while activists broadcast a video of theneighborhood showing that everything is normal.

Voting on the draft constitution started at 7 AM.

Pro-government gathering estimated by 5000 people occurs in Al-Sabe Bahrat square.

President Bashar Al-Assad and the first lady participate in the voting process on the draft constitution from the Syrian Radio and Television Center located in Umawiyyin square.

Funerals of 7 soldiers and security men, one of them is Captain Eyad Ali Abbas, initiate from Tashreen military hospital.

Unidentified oppositions write statements against the government on walls in Kafr Sousa neighborhood and hand out flyers calling to boycott voting on the draft Constitution.


An anti-government gathering estimated by 30 people occurs in Al-Fardous neighborhood of Aleppo and wave the mandate flag.

Evening anti-government gatherings, each estimated by 250 people, occur in Salah Al-Deen, Al-Sokkarie, Al-Mraijah and Al-Shaikh Maksoud neighborhoods.

An anti-government gathering occurs in Al-Bab and Bazaa’a towns located in Aleppo’s outskirt.


Anti-government gatherings occur in Al-Herak town and Al-Mlaiha Al-Gharbia village of Dara’a.

Activists: shooting happens in Al-Kossour neighborhood on this morning.

Unknown snipers shoot on passers in Al-Sad road; news on the injury of 2 civilians.

Clashes between armed rebels and the security force take place nearby Belal Al-Habashi mosque located in Dara’a Al-Balad area after the former targeted 2 security vehicles.

“Al-Moa’taz Bellah” battalion of the Free Army Militia attacks a military vehicle on Dara’a road nearby Kharbat Al-Ghazala area; then followed by clashes between both sides.

Explosions are heard in Dara’a Al-Mhatta area, Al-Naimah village, Bousra square and Al-Hamama roundabout.

2 evening anti-government gatherings occur in Dara’a Al-Mhatta and Taseel areas.