• The French Foreign Minister, Alain Juppe, gave an interview to Le Monde. He denounces the stance of the Christian patriarchs in favor of the Syrian regime. In particular, he pledged that "on the assumption that Israel were attacked, we (France) would be on her side."

• Building on the fake e-mails of the al-Assad couple, the Guardian affirms that the Syrian president bypasses his male advisers and surrounds himself with beautiful young women. The newspaper sketches the profile of Hadeel al-Ati, one of his public relations advisers.

• Consolidating the shift which has been unfolding over the last month from classic propaganda to pure fiction (see the stories by Jonathan Littell and Tahar Ben Jelloun), the National Post publishes the imaginary note-books of Asma al-Assad. Novels have now replaced reports and documents on the pages of major newspapers.

Gulf News reports on the influential Egyptian sheik Saywat Hejazi’s statement that killing President al-Assad is the duty of every Muslim. "He who has the opportunity of killing al-Assad and fails to do so is a sinner," he said.

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