As we both know, CBC is funded by Canadian taxpayers, told they would be continuously informed to the highest standards of news broadcasting. Which, to my mind, means no propaganda but rather the dissemination of truth without any political interference in that goal. Individuals being interviewed, aside from the political scrums that appear daily between MPs, should be obtained from a wide, intellectual and knowledgeable base, to be able to inform Canadians as they surely need to be. It seems a particular dilemma for CBC-TV as the best minds in the world are never sought out to dispell the lies, distortions and fabrications that regularly appear as purportedly educated comment by way of my tax dollar.

For instance, widely regarded as the world’s leading intellectual and author of many books on the political morass waylaying us, MIT’s professor Noam Chomsky gets short shrift from CBC. Or, more accurately, no recognition at all. Close at hand, in Ottawa, sits professor Michael Mandel, another genius of logic and investigation as well as author of the seminal volume: How America Gets Away With Murder. These are but two of the many intellectual forces available for alternative comment to offset the jaundiced commentary regularly supplied by CBC-TV.

Now I have spent years monitoring CBC television national news and never once have I observed any depth of background analysis to accompany a news item - such as going to war - which always seems to come out as "we good guys are going to send our warriors to kill bad guys." Which is, in fact, the reason I have finally given rise to my disgust and ire, as Canadian warriors are unfortunately not given to deep thought, reflection, and logical analysis on their own. So when the Prime Minister and fellow flunkies in Cabinet - the ones that claim to converse with God - give orders to go and kill tens of thousands of people and destroy a country - all based on lies and fabrications, the warriors follow their orders and bomb and kill, not really knowing what they are doing. None of these war crimes would or could likely occur if CBC did its job to investigate and tell the truth rather than continue to flog CIA propaganda on behalf of the killer terrorists residing in the White House, Pentagon and CIA Langley.

Back in 1953 the CIA (Kermit Roosevelt et al) overthrew the democratically elected government of Iranian Prime Minister Molhammad Mosaddegh and the US then installed the puppet Reza Shah Palahvi, with the CIA and Mossad teaching the Shah’s newly-taught torturerers, SAVAK, the manner by which to control protests of the people. Tens of thousands were tortured and murdered in order that the US and Britain continue their oil exploitation on the same pattern of theft that Mossaddegh had promised to reverse. Blood for oil was the formula that ever after guided the poltroons of the West in their empire-driven goals.

In 1954 the CIA mounted a coup d’etat against the democratically elected Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, installed their puppet Castillo Armas and thus ushered in a 50-year reign of terror that was true genocide against the Maya indigenous peoples, hundreds of thousands dead thanks to US terrorism. Arbenz’s crime was to attempt to redistibute fallow land to landless peasants, an affront to United Fruit and the Dulles brothers; Alan running the CIA and John Foster as Secretary of State. Socialist ideas were pegged as "communistic" and had to be halted immediately less others in Latin America arrive at similar incentives for the masses.

The US also invaded the Republic of North Korea on behalf of their brutal, torturing puppet Syngman Rhee, (read I.F. Stone, The Hidden History to see who really started that war) and as always, Canada’s satrap government sent troops to kill and die in Korea, while their puppet masters committed every war crime known to man and caused the deaths of some four million Koreans, the US even gunning down civilian populations at places like No Gun Ri, Cheju, and Daejon. When an individual has a grade 12 education or less and is brainwashed to kill, these massacres are but a byproduct of the system. This is why Americans will never be given a proper education, the ill-informed bodies are needed for all the wars yet to come in a society of never ending wars.

Add in the invasions of Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - based on the fabricated Tonkin Gulf Incident - and we have another four million deaths attributable to Yankee insanity and immorality. I cannot recall any condemnation of the US mass murder genocide by CBC television throughout the decade of terror unleashed in those countries.

"Tricky Dicky" Nixon continued the devastation unleashed on Southeast Asia that had started under Eisenhower, Kennedy and Johnson and which resulted in millions dead and toxic ruination of the countryside via the 2-4D defoliant Agent Orange (just one of many war crimes), and still found time to destroy the social experiment begun by president Salvador Allende Gossens in Chile. Especially reprehensible to Nixon, Kissinger and the killers running US foreign policy was the fact that Allende had promised a daily cup of milk to poor Chilean women with children; a horrific "communist" idea. And so it was that a CIA-fomented coup was undertaken resulting in the bombing of the presidential palace, the death of Allende, the installation of the terror regime of Augusto Pinochet and the murder and torture of tens of thousands by the US pal and his killer henchmen. No condemnation by CBC back then either.

Soon enough Ronald Reagan was running wars throughout Central America with his Death Squad pals in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua. And, after these impoverished countries were brought to their knees with little left of their economies, Reagan had yet another project ahead - Grenada.

Maurice Bishop and the New Jewell Movement had decided that the country’s minimal water resources would better serve the island’s small farmer population than for the golf estates of the tourism industry. At the same time, however, he figured a new airport serving larger planes would be good for the island’s tourism industry and sought a Cuban company to construct it. Welcome Ronnie Reagan once more. "The airport could be used for long-range Russian bombers," the President declared. So a massive invasion force attacked the island, killed the Cubans building the runway, a small number of mental patients who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and a number of cows roaming the fields.

The icing on the cake was the fact that "Russia’s" runway was then completed - by US contractors. Water meant for family farmers ended up on Golfing estates and soon planeloads of Yankee golfers were dogging the sunny fairways on Grenada. Nor did the Russkys invade as Reagan suggested. All’s well that ends well. CBC-TV uttered nary a word of condemnation.

Then came Bill Clinton and the Balkans. Slovenia and Bosnia decided to unilaterally separate (think Quebec and the FLQ) which left Bosnian Serbs outnumbered and remembering WWII when Croat Nazi divisions and Nazi Bosnian Muslims massacred hundreds of thousands of Serbs. One of the leaders of the Muslim SS Division Handzar was the then president Alia Izetbegovic, somehow elevated to head the province of Bosnia. Although the opportunity to end the ethnic conflict was introduced early on by Britain’s Lord Owen, Bill Clinton secretly informed Izetbegovic that if he could produce enough Muslim victims, the Yankees would take over. Thus began a series of marketplace bombings in downtown Sarajevo - later proved to be Muslim shellings of Muslim civilians - and the US killing machine moved in. A supposedly "safe-haven" was created in the town of Srebrenica with Dutch troops manning the enclave. Among those gathered in Srebrenica, however, were the ruthless, bloodthirsty paramilitary killers run by Islamist Naser Oric. This gang of murderers regularly slipped out of Srebrenica and raided Serb towns in the vicinity, cutting off the heads of old women and men before retreating back to the safe haven of Srebrenica, killing thousands in the process. Since this is a story in itself and takes too long to delineate, I will leave it there; except to say that CBC-TV reports none of this reality to this day.

In the Mideast meanwhile, Saddam was getting too uppity for proper puppet behaviour. He needed taking care of. Besides, there was all that oil sitting under Iraq’s deserts. A plan was needed, and arrived at. Harken Energy, a Bush family oil company, had pioneeed the use of slant-drilling into oil deposits, and it seemeds that this new technology had been adapted by the Emirs of Kuwait - directly into the Rumallah oil fields under Iraq’s side of the line. Saddam was enraged, especially since he had been promised funds by the Kuwati Royals to help defray the enormous costs of the eight year war against Iran that was promoted by the US. Saddam called in the US Embassador, April Glaspie, to feel her out as to his options. The trap was being set and Saddam fell hook, line and sinker. "We have no opinion as to Arab to Arab conflict," Ambassador Glaspie stated, then quickly left town. Undoubtedly no deep thinker, Saddam believed he had been given the right of way to seek monetary revenge and thus came his downfall.

Once Saddam ’s troops were inside Kuwait Bush senior knew he had the dictator trapped. A whole US Army was rushed to the region and now Saddam tried to negotiate his own army back to Iraq. "We’ll retreat," he promised former CIA head Bush. "Just don’t shoot us in the back," indicating how delusional he was about natural born killers. When the pullout began US planes flew ahead of the lengthy column and bombed the lead trucks. Other warplanes bombed the end of the line and trapped the approximately 100,000 vehicles and occupants that were locked in place. This roadway became known as "The Highway of Death" with US bulldozers later working overtime to bury the huge masses of incinerated bodies. Shooting turkeys in a barrel is a Yankee Skull and Bones (and western) thrill.

After years of sanctions, resulting in the deaths of at least a half million children (Madeleine Albright said she felt it was necessary), the neocon Zionist gang running the White House decided it was time for "Shock and Awe" and a march right up into Baghdad. The end result was over a million Iraqis killed, millions more displaced into Jordan, Syria and Iran, and the countrey ruined - as always. Bush jr. and his poodle Tony Blair had topled the dictator that they had helped install to manage Iraq, but their latest plans were to control all the oil, cutting Saddam out of the equation. No deep analysis by CBC of the forces at work in this genocidal operation, they had plenty of US propagandists to turn to.

Equally, prior to the criminal invasion of Iraq, US forces invaded Afghanistan ostensibly to kill Osama bin Laden who was taking the heat for the 9/11 attacks, even though no proof of this has ever been offered. The thousands of Afghanis being killed every year - naturally to bring peace and stability - is yet another testimony to US and Canadian benevolence, since we are all such good folk.

But where has CBC been through all these criminal invasions and occupations. Has the CBC ever cited any of the various international laws that the US and Canada break on a daily basis? When the CIA decides it’s time to steal the resources of yet another country, take Libya for instance, and fabricates still another lie and distortion in order to do so, is CBC news asking any of the right questions? Is it questioning the allegations leading to UN Resolution 1973, an R2P construct which also makes it a war crime to arm one side of a civil war (fomented by the CIA), a war crime to bomb and kill to enact regime change and a war crime to bomb any area populated by civilians, who are to be protected by all means, even if fighters are in the area. A war crime to join the terror unleashed in Iraq and Afghanistan for which Bush and his fellow torturers were found guilty by the Tribunal just held in Malaysia, totally ignored by CBC-TV.

Instead we had Canadian pilots bombing men, women and children in the thousands, with PM Harper celebrating the murders by holding a parade and flyby for the returning "conqerors" - and did CBC ever utter one complaint on behalf of us Canadians who are outraged at the criminal Steve Harper Gang and fellow supporters in Parliament. As George Orwell famously said: "Omission is the worst form of propaganda." By my calculations, CBC is a jaundiced source of information for Canadians. The world’s leading terrorists get applause and the victims get victimized yet again. And I’m paying for it. Sickening! Expect to watch the destabilization of Syria by NATO and the Capo di Tutti Capi without a word of condemnation from CBC’s propaganda meisters; serving the war criminal that is Stephen Harper and his toadies keeps CBC’s funding to the corporation intact, the better to "inform" us all.

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"Agent Orange - Apocalypse Viêt Nam," by André Bouny

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