On the occasion of the only public intervention since his nomination, MI5 (British counter-espionage agency) Director General warned against the consequences of the Snowden affair and those of the Syrian war [1].

According to Andrew Parker, Snowden’s revelations could lead to the cessation of the entire intelligence surveillance, and thus deprive counter-espionage of it’s main weapon.

With regards to Syria, the chief executive has noted the radicalization of British Islamists, many of whom have gone to Syria to fight. ’’The Al-Nusra Front and other sunni extremist groups linked to Al-Qaida aspire to attack Western countries.’’ he concluded.

Commenting on these declarations, the British press mentioned the 120 jihadists having faught in Syria and already returned to the UK, and hundreds more currently in combat. These declarations intervene after the vote of the House of Commons and the official withdrawal from the Syrian conflict.

Alizée Ville