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Hezbollah avenges the martyrs of Quneitra


The 28th January 2015, Hezbollah riposted to the Israeli attack of which it had been the victim, on Syrian territory, ten days earlier [1]. In their turn, Hezbollah attacked an Israeli military convoy on the occupied Lebanese territory, the farms of Chebaa.

The attack, which was judged as « very complex » by Israeli strategists, claimed 2 victims according to the Israeli army, 4 according to the Israeli Press, and 17 according to the Resistance Press.

Hezbollah made it clear to the Finul that it would accept this action as sole vengeance for the dead of Quneitra, but was preparing for war if that were Israel’s choice.

Riposting against this riposte, the Israeli army bombarded the Lebanese villages of Kfar Chouba, Majidiyé, Halta and Arkoub, killing a Spanish soldier from the Finul. However, the Finul avoids placing responsibility on Israel, speaking instead of an ’attack of unidentified origin’.

While the Israeli Minister for Foreign Affairs, Avigdor Lieberman, spoke in favour of a « very hard and disproportionate » reaction, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that « if these attacks begin again, we shall riposte with force ».

Throughout the week, Israeli experts had been commenting the attack on Quneitra, claiming that Hezbollah would not react for fear of being drawn into war while it is still « bogged down » in Syria. Many people saw in this operation a « master stroke » by Benjamin Netanyahu in the middle of his electoral campaign. As for us, we have confirmed that the Syrian front has been stabilised, and that Hezbollah has recovered its capacity for riposte after the arrest of Mohammad Chawraba, an Israeli spy infiltrated into the military command of the Resistance.

Pete Kimberley

[1] “Israël assassinates officers of Hezbollah and Iran in Syria”, Translation Pete Kimberley, Voltaire Network, 24 January 2015.

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