GOP pollster Frank Luntz thinks that terror attacks on the scale of Paris or Brussels could rescue the Donald Trump ticket from defeat in November.

In the two weeks following the Brussels terror attacks, an important sea-change has occurred in American politics, to the detriment of the demagogic candidacy of Donald Trump. Those overseas events gave the Queens billionaire the opportunity to pose as a statesman and de facto Lord Protector of the American people, in much the same way that Oliver Cromwell posed as the protector of England in the seventeenth century. Trump wasted his opportunity to win over the Republican oligarchs and elite donor class, instead choosing to roll in the mud of attacks on rivals’ wives, the cad Lewandowsky, and police state measures to suppress abortions.

Recent polling highlights the pervasive unpopularity of Trump outside of the crazed and narrow confines of the GOP. It is therefore of compelling interest when a Republican consultant like the sophist Frank Luntz is quoted in the press speaking of how an outside event of terrorism could suddenly turn the tide in favor of Trump as dictator later this year:

‘Frank Luntz, an unaligned GOP pollster, said Trump could erase at least some his deficit if he capitalizes on the fall debates and other events, noting that history is littered with examples of candidates doing just that. [1] “The big moments cause people to change,” Luntz said. “And let’s face it, we may have a moment outside of conventions and debates that’s even bigger. If you have a Paris or a Brussels on American soil, that can completely change the dynamic.”’

Americans need to go on RED ALERT to prevent this from happening!
Frank Luntz should be invited to tell exactly what he knows.

Elsewhere in the press, we read that GOP insiders view Trump as a possible “zombie candidate,” too maimed to win, but too strong to stop on his way to the nomination:

‘Republicans who once worried that Mr. Trump might gain overwhelming momentum in the primaries are now becoming preoccupied with a different grim prospect: that Mr. Trump might become a kind of zombie candidate — damaged beyond the point of repair, but too late for any of his rivals to stop him. Should Mr. Trump lurch into the convention so fatally compromised with general election voters and a sizable faction of Republicans, it could make it easier for the party to wrest the nomination away from him. But it would also make the consequences of failing to defeat him all the more ruinous if the specter of choosing a seemingly unelectable nominee does not deter Mr. Trump’s supporters.’

After Trump’s unstable performance of the past week, there is increasing concern about putting the nuclear launch codes into the hands of a person whose invariant trait has been shown to be extreme cruelty towards the weak and the defenseless:

‘“He needs to start acting more like the commander in chief,” [A Republican consultant] said. “At some point folks ask themselves, ‘Am I comfortable in terms of wanting to give this person the nuclear codes?’”’

The answer is that no serious and intelligent person could rest easy with the power of war and peace, life and death, in the hands of such a wreck as Trump.

 Philp Rucker and Robert Costa, “Trump would be least-popular major-party nominee in modern times,” Washington Post, April 1, 2016.
 Alexander Burns, “G.O.P. Fears Donald Trump as Zombie Candidate: Damaged but Unstoppable,” New York Times, April 1, 2016.

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[1Presumably, Luntz is referring to the GOP’s October Surprise of 1980, when the Reagan campaign intentionally delayed the freeing of US hostages held by Iran, or to the Benghazi affair of 2012.