On March 31, the Embassy of the Russian Federation in London delivered to the British Foreign Ministry a note with a list of questions to the British side regarding the Skripal case fabricated against Russia:

1. Why has Russia been denied consular access to two Russian citizens who were injured in the UK?

2. Which specific antidotes and in what form were the victims administered? How did the British doctors at the scene of the incident happen to have such antidotes in their possession?

3. On what grounds did France become involved in the technical side of investigating an incident in which Russian citizens were injured?

4. Has the United Kingdom notified the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) of France’s involvement in the investigation of the incident in Salisbury?

5. What does the incident involving two Russian citizens in the United Kingdom have to do with France?

6. Which norms of British procedural legislation allow for the involvement of a foreign state in a domestic investigation?

7. What evidence was handed over to France for testing and to conduct its own investigation?

8. Were French specialists present when biological samples were collected from Sergey and Yulia Skripal?

9. Did French specialists conduct their own tests of the biological samples collected from Sergey and Yulia Skripal and, if so, at which specific laboratories were the tests conducted?

10. Does the United Kingdom possess the results of the investigation carried out by France?

11. Have the results of the French investigation been submitted to the OPCW Technical Secretariat?

12. Based on which attributes (markers) was the alleged “Russian origin” of the substance used in Salisbury established?

13. Does the United Kingdom have control samples of the chemical warfare agent which British representatives refer to as Novichok?

14. Have samples of the chemical warfare agent of the Novichok type (in accordance to British terminology) or its analogues been developed in the United Kingdom?