The Foreign Ministry notes the growing number of provocative actions against Russian diplomats in the US. After the groundless decision to expel 60 members of Russia’s diplomatic staff from the US, the US secret services have been undertaking feverish attempts to enter into contact with the staff of Russia’s diplomatic missions in recent days. In a series of appalling episodes, those forced by Washington to leave the US were offered “assistance” at the cost of entering into covert relations “of mutual benefit.” Our colleagues are being virtually harassed by proposals of this kind.

The US has clearly come up with a scheme whereby the authorities expel Russian diplomats for no reasons, while the increasingly assertive secret services try to take advantage of the challenges these Russians are facing. The ploy is not working, but their behaviour is cynical and distasteful, as if Washington has stepped completely beyond the bounds of common decency.

We take note of all incidents of this kind and draw conclusions.