In violation of UNSC Resolution on the end of the Nato war against Serbia in 1999, Kosovo has now equipped itself with an army.

According to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, an agreement was concluded with his Albanian partner, Edi Rama, under which the border between the two States will be abolished on 1 March 2019.

Furthermore, during a Joint Council Meeting of Albania and Kosovo, a common fund was established to promote both states joining the EU.

When the Albanian Prime Minister was received by the Kosovo Parliament, he set out the plan for a common foreign and security policy, with ambassadors representing both states and one President for both states.

On 15 February 2019, he appeared on the TV channel Vizion Plus and spoke about the merger of the two States, assuring that this would be the solution to the problem of Kosovo, something which contravenes the UNSC Resolution. Great Albania would then be the first Muslim State to be a member of the European Union.

While this was happening, you have on the one hand the Albanian populations in Montenegro, Macedonia and Greece getting ready to ask if they can form part of Great Albania and the Greek minority, that live in South Albania, on the other hand, immediately requesting, that should this plan be implemented, they should not join Great Albania but be incorporated into Greece.

In practice, Kosovo in its present form, is a huge US military base and Albania functions as the CIA’s European Heartbeat.

On 17 February 2019, the 11th anniversary of the independence of Kosovo, was celebrated with a procession of the new army of Kosovo. Parliament held an extraordinary session in the presence of the Prime Ministers of Kosovo and Albania. Also present at the session were the former Italian Prime Minister Massimo D’Alema and the former head of the Mission of Verification in Kosovo, William Walker, who attributed the massacre of Račak to Serbia to justify the Nato intervention.

By a curious reversal of thinking, the US and Turkey are now supporting the plan for a Great Albania when before they had accused Belgrade of wanting to create Great Serbia (later on, the charge of an alleged “Plan fer à cheval” turned out to be nothing but a lie concocted by Nato) and they bombed it.

In the nineties, the Pentagon thought of Yugoslavia as a “laboratory” where they were free to test “the wars of dogs”. This is the possibility of isolating a country, centrifuging it to produce a civil war and leaving its constituent communities separated out at the end.

Prior to the wars that destroyed Yugoslavia, the Balkans had been populated by very different peoples. At that time, the term “balkanization” was used to label this mix. Today, each community is pretty much tied to distinct areas. Balkanization now has a different meaning. It refers to a process of ethnic separation and territorial segmentation.

Anoosha Boralessa