New documents discovered by General Michael Flynn’s former law firm are now in the hands of his current attorneys. One such document is likely to exonerate him from the crimes he has been charged with.

According to his lawyers, this whole affair has been made possible only because the Justice Department refused to declassify a document showing that an FBI spy had illegally infiltrated an August 2016 closed-door briefing of future President Trump with the CIA.

General Michael T. Flynn, former commander of US Military Intelligence and subsequently National Security Advisor to President Trump, had become the target of prosecutor Robert Mueller during the Russiagate impeachment push, leading to his forced resignation. He was notably accused of deliberately withholding information from Vice President Mike Pence.

An exemplary soldier, he did not approve of "American imperialism and exceptionalism." General Flynn came under the spotlight by denouncing the Obama administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Qaeda and Daesh.