James Jeffrey, President Donald Trump’s former special representative for Syria and against ISIL, gave an interview to Defense One [1] a week after being relieved of his duties.

He explains that he strove hard to keep occupation forces in Syria. In particular, he avows to having lied for two years, in collusion with Pentagon generals, about the number of troops on the ground. While Trump had agreed to the presence of only 200 troops to ward off an attack on the oil wells, Jeffrey and the Pentagon kept 900, distributed throughout the territory.

According to our information, half of the revenue from these wells was handed over to the Kurdish mercenaries contracted by the Pentagon, while the other half was earmarked for the black operations conducted by the CIA around the world (i.e. without official funding, therefore hidden from White House and congressional oversight).

James Jeffrey, who served as deputy national security adviser to President George Bush Jr., is a Republican opposed to Jacksonian President Donald Trump. He is one of the signatories of the open letter from Republican former national security officials calling for the election of the Democrat candidate, Joe Biden [2].

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[2A Statement by Former Republican National Security Officials”, Voltaire Network, 20 August 2020.