The big western powers despise non-western peoples. At the Versailles conference (1919), they refused to recognize the equality of peoples, and currently still retain a few colonies.

They arrogated to themselves the prerogative to say who had the right to govern a given state. In 2011, they launched the slogan “Gaddafi must go!”, allegedly for the good of the Libyan people. Today the Leader is dead and slavery has been restored. Also in 2011, they launched the more familiar "Bashar must go!" (Bashar instead of Assad). Unfortunately, the Syrian people resisted and nine years later the so-called tyrant is still in place. Now it’s Lukashenko’s turn to go.

At least, according to French President Emmanuel Macron for whom "Lukashenko must go!" [1] The reason: the Belarusian presidential election was rigged. It is indeed very likely. Except that it is just as likely that Alexander Lukashenko has been voted by a large majority of his people, making him much more legitimate than Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Mindful of their previous setbacks, the West refused to recognize the Lukashenko’s election, but also failed to recognize that of Tikhanovskaia.

[1"EXCLUSIF. Emmanuel Macron sur la situation en Biélorussie : "Il est clair que Loukachenko doit partir" (It is clear that Lukashenko must go), by François Clemenceau, Journal du Dimanche, 27 September 2020.