On 30 May 2021, the Danish media rekindled earlier reports that the Danish secret services spied on top European leaders on behalf of the United States. The German press followed suit by denouncing the wiretapping of Chancellor Angela Merkel. Numerous governments expressed their “concern”.

In reality, the resurfacing of this affair serves to cloud over the previous episodes. Ever since the Liberation, the United States has systematically eavesdropped on the leaders of allied European states. The only thing that changes is the way of doing it.

In 1992, the torch was picked up by the FE (Forsvarets Efterretningstjeneste) [Photo: FE interception site in Sandagergård]. If this is being discussed today, it is because the FE is no longer operational and its functions have been transferred to another State. As always, we will be told that it’s all part of the past. But the system will continue to thrive through different means.

Governments will protest, but none will act. This posture is more comfortable for political leaders than to be seen collaborating openly with Washington and have to own up to the betrayal of their country.

NATO’s Stay-Behind network in Denmark is alive and well”, Voltaire Network, 20 November 2020.