Washington wants to rekindle the “two-state solution” for Palestine, which President Donald Trump had cast aside. This is what President Joe Biden announced before the UN General Assembly and what lawmakers are attempting to get officially passed through Congress. Representative Andy Levin (D-Michigan) has tabled a bill to this effect.

The “two-state solution” was promoted by President George W. Bush at the 2007 Annapolis conference. It aims to achieve peace through the segregation of populations.

It would thereby acknowledge the exclusively Jewish character of one state and the exclusively Arab character of the other. A stance which is compatible with the woke ideology of the US administration, but not with the universalist ideology that all men are equal under the law.

Moreover, it is even less compatible with the facts: the Sephardim are Jews originally from the Iberian Peninsula, who integrated into the Arab populations when they were expelled from Europe in 1492.

Israel is reportedly made up of:
1.8 million Muslim and Christian Arabs
1.4 million Jewish Arabs
5.2 million non-Arab Jews