According to the Mossad, a Lebanese Hezbollah team has been spying for several weeks on a former Israeli intelligence officer who has set up an office for a surveillance technology company in Bogota, Colombia. The team is reportedly at the point of assassinating him as well as various US diplomats.

On its part, Colombian daily El Tiempo reported that Defense Minister Diego Molano attempted to arrest a number of Hezbollah operatives two weeks ago,

Colombia has used the services the private Israeli military company CST Global on several occasions, notably to free former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt, who was being held hostage by the FARC guerilla.

Israel regularly accuses Hezbollah of perpetrating military actions in Latin America and Europe, which the Lebanese resistance movement has consistently denied. The best known case is the attack that occurred in Buenos Aires against the headquarters of the Argentine Israelite Mutual Association (Amia) in 1994, but Israel has so far failed to provide any evidence implicating the Hezbollah. Tel Aviv, however, will not desist from attempting to paint Hezbollah as an international terrorist organization and not a resistance network against the Israeli occupation, as it claims.

Last week, President Ivan Duque and a 95-strong delegation travelled to Tel Aviv to meet with the President and the Prime Minister. They opened up an office in charge of facilitating technological exchanges.