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Contents of issue 18:

 Editorial: The European Union and the G7 give up the free market
 Commissioning of the new stealth heavy bomber
 Washington takes advantage of the war to appropriate Ukrainian energy
 Washington sees no religious problem in Ukraine
 Donald Trump Jr. shocked by the end of religious freedom in Ukraine
 Who is subsidizing Fact Checking ?
 Legal consequences of the Capitol riot
 Documents confirm the censorship of social networks by the Biden administration
 No more “special master” for Donald Trump
 The habit of the mask
 US universities merge with the Democratic Party
 Barbados seeks reparations from a fortune inherited from slavery
 Opus Dei announces a referendum in Ecuador
 Cristina Fernández de Kirchner condemned because Peronist
 Christians are now a minority in the UK
 President Macron’s trip to the USA
 France is exploring ways to put Vladimir Putin to trial
 French Covid-19 Official figures were wrong
 Ecological Europe against Dutch breeders
 The inconsistencies of German policy in the Middle East
 Atlanticist Germany rearms
 Comic-Opera Putsch in Germany
 Germany, Poland and Romania had established Ukraine’s supply lines before the Russian intervention
 Poland plans to train 200,000 non-professional soldiers
 Poland demands war damages from Germany
 Latvia pleads for strikes in Russia by Ukraine
 Estonia dumps Nazi propaganda in the EU
 Lithuania opposes peace with Russia
 Ukraine abolishes religious freedom
 According to Ukrainian Justice, the Nuremberg Trials were wrong : the SS Galicia Division was not Nazi
 Vladimir Putin admits he was deceived by Germany and France
 Egypt distances itself from Israel
 Suez Canal Security Alert
 Tunisia investigates the French conspiracy
 Failed coup attempt in Sao Tome and Principe
 President Ramaphosa resists the poisonous atmosphere of South African political life
 Israel and the US simulate a bombardment of Iran
 Al-Jazeera sues Israel at the International Criminal Court
 The pro-Palestine Biden administration
 The possible Turkish intervention against Kurdish terrorists reshuffles the cards in Syria
 Death of the Caliph
 Iraq recovers stolen antiquities
 No change possible between Kurdish clans
 Saudi Arabia opens the Middle East to China
 Saudi Arabia halts talks with Iran
 United Arab Emirates reunites with Qatar
 Faced with Kurdish terrorists, Turkey does not count on Moscow nor Washington
 Iran-Venezuela agreement
 The US is no longer interested in Iranian nuclear deal
 The true/false dissolution of the Iranian religious police
 India promotes multilateralism at the UN
 China had decided to relax anti-Covid rules before the demonstrations
 Atlanticist Japan seeks to finance the increase in its military budget
 Japan fails to formulate its anti-cult law
 Australia expands US military bases
 NATO depleted its stockpiles of weapons before Russia
 Banks of the Eurasian Economic Union close to an agreement
 OPEC is betting on an all-Western economic recession

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