Israeli opposition leaders Yair Lapid, Benny Gantz, Merav Michaeli and Avigdor Lieberman issued a joint statement announcing that they would boycott, in a third reading, the vote in Knesset on a bill that would override the institutions.

Israel does not have a constitution. Its regime is organized around 12 fundamental laws that Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition is readying to repeal.

The Knesset’s special commission tasked with amending the Basic Law on Government and chaired by Ofir Katz, a member of the Prime Minister’s Likud party, passed an amendment intended to bar the attorney general from declaring the prime minister unfit to rule. It stipulates that a prime minister cannot be declared unfit for office, except on grounds of physical or mental disability.

During his last term as head of government, Benyamin Netanyahu signed an agreement with the Israeli justice that he no longer respects, which could lead the Supreme Court to declare him incapable of governing. ‎

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented: “We are witnessing an unprecedented attack by biased media channels against the government, fully mobilized to serve opponents of the reform. Live broadcasts, biased analysis, biased polls, fake news 24/7.”