North Korean citizens are signing up in droves to join the military. While men are mandatorily required to serve in the army for 10 years and women for 3 years, a wave of voluntary enlistment is being witnessed. According to observers, this phenomenon is occurring both in cities and in rural areas. On 17 March, 800,000 citizens turned up at army recruiting centers.

The 25 million people living in North Korea continue to feel threatened by the United States, 73 years after the aggression against their country began. Technically, the Korean War (1950-1953) has not ended since the warring parties never signed a formal peace treaty.

The United States is currently engaged in major military maneuvers with South Korea, while the latter is sealing an alliance with Japan, the hereditary enemy of all Koreans.

According to the Labor Party, Washington is also trying to prevent North Korea from importing cereals. Last month, a vast food production program was put in place in an effort to forestall another famine like the one in the 1960s, which was intentionally exacerbated by Western powers. ‎