In Lebanon, invaded by Israel under the «Grapes of Wrath» operation, Israeli soldiers and their Christian allies faced the Hezbollah Lebanese resistance. In Qana, the UN Fijian soldiers had set up a camp, the presence of which went unnoticed by Israel. The blue helmets were regularly attacked by the ALS militia without any opposition from Tel Aviv, despite their arm supply to, and direction of the organization. On April 18, 1996, following mortar shots from Hezbollah, Tsahal intensely bombed Qana’s village, especially the UNIFIL camp. One hundred and two camp civilian refugees died. Israel then launched a broad media campaign, which first tried to make people believe that the mortar belonged to Hezbollah and later that it was a mistake due to poor visibility. Israel would eventually accuse the UN of keeping the resistance mortars under their control and therefore «of having caused this», as explained in the Jerusalem Post. The inflamed feelings brought about by the massacre of Qana, both in Israel and in other places, would speed the Israeli withdrawal form the south of Lebanon.