At the moment in which the Conference on the Revision of the Nonproliferation Treaty opens sessions at the UN, you can simply be amazed at the indifference of the U.S. and the rest of the nuclear powers. In this Conference, a group of middle States has a simple objective: To force nuclear powers so that they adopt the necessary measures to save the Treaty.
Last year, the States with the necessary capacity to become nuclear powers voted for a new resolution to implement the commitments made, but the United States, Great Britain and France rejected the text. Not even an agenda has been scheduled as a result of the extent of contradictions in relation to the fulfillment of the nuclear powers’ promises and to the Israeli arsenal. The United States is the major responsible for the erosion of the Treaty as it does not respect the texts in force and develops new weapons. The U.S. has even turned aside the old commitment of only threatening other nuclear powers.
The following measures must be taken:
  We must make sure of the security of the Russian positioning.
  Washington must commit itself not to being the first to use nuclear weapons.
  NATO must put less emphasis on its nuclear weapons and remove them from Western Europe.
  The prohibition of nuclear tests must be respected, but the Bush administration is going exactly the opposite way.
  Washington must support a treaty that prohibits the creation and transportation of enriched uranium and plutonium.
  The United States must quit the anti-missile defense myth.
  We must be firm with Iran, but also with Israel.
Without these measures, risks will only grow.

International Herald Tribune (France)
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« Erosion of the Nonproliferation Treaty », by Jimmy Carter, International Herald Tribune, May 2, 2005.