After the unfortunate referendum, European politicians rediscovered the populist policies. Turkey has the rare opportunity of being part of them. The problem is that there is no Turkish voice in the European media and many politicians speak about Turkey without even knowing the Turks’ criteria. The new star of these policies is Nicolas Sarkozy.
The son of a Hungarian father and a Greek-Jewish mother, Sarkozy is an ambitious man and the most serious candidate in the presidential elections. In France, most media refer to him as the most popular conservative politician. But when it comes to the Turks, things are different. The attitude of France was already strange but with the Sarkozy factor things might evolve in a very bad way. Even when Sarkozy is not very popular around here, the Turks do have reasons to love him.
Turks and Hungarians are historically and genetically linked. From the linguistic point of view, they have a lot in common too. Turkish radical nationalists love Hungarians and they will love Sarkozy even more if he opposes the inclusion of Turkey in the European Union; he’ll be a hero for them. Turks are European already and our extremists are as complicated as Sarkozy. Turks are more open than extremists; this means that 99% of the Turks is more European than Sarkozy and his fan-club. Sarkozy acts in such a way that ones completely forgets he also was “black” once. To hide his “black” past, he misses no opportunities to prove he is “white”. His speeches make people believe is Napoleon’s grandson. He has triumphed in the French discriminating society. To understand his psychology all you need is an analogy with Turkish fighters. It is usually said that the best fighters are more determined than the others because they have something to hide: a wound in the hand, for instance.
It is not the genetic endowment what makes Sarkozy French or European, but the fact that he has taken advantage of the opportunities he has had in the French political world and society. As far as I know, he says he is a Roman Catholic, but according to the laws of this religion, he could be a Jew. The same thing happens with Turkey, it says it is secular but its culture is Muslim. Turkey has worked more than Sarkozy to be European. That is why I am not exaggerating when I say that Turkey is as much European as Sarkozy is French.

Turkish Weekly (Turkey)
The Turkish Weekly is the daily published by the International Strategic Research Organization based in Ankara.

“Turkey is as much European as Sarkozy is French”, by Baris Sanli, Turkish Weekly, August 22, 2005.