The electoral reform for the presidential elections has opened a new vibrant and dynamic stage in our political life. Obviously there are excesses, but that was foreseen. The important thing is that the Egyptian people make their own choice. I know that they are aware of the differences between vague electoral promises and firm commitments.
Some of my adversaries have taken up the proposals made by the government. Others fail to understand the current regional situation or just limit themselves to criticize. My program, on the contrary, is based on what we have already achieved. Our reforms have been very successful, but the public has not always been aware of them because I do not like boasting and because many constituents are too young to remember the situation in Egypt before we recovered Sinai. However, the Egyptians feel happy about the way in which their lives have improved. We will continue with the democratization to obtain a greater participation of the population. If we move towards democracy is because we can do it thanks to the economic reforms we have implemented.
During this campaign, I have made a clear distinction between my activities as a candidate and my job as a president. At present, my priority is national security. We are living turbulent times with the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza, the situation in Iraq and Sudan. Syria and Lebanon are subjected to pressures, the Horn of Africa lives under unstable conditions and problems prevail in the region of the Great Lakes where the source of the Nile is. Egypt has a role to play in all these matters. I convened a special Arab summit to also work on these issues.
Egypt refuses to experience pressures from anyone. Our relations with the world powers and with the only superpower are based on friendship, mutual respect and common interest. Our current reform is the exclusive result of the Egyptian will. The reforms can not be dictated from outside. The political reform is based on the stability of the country that continues to be a priority for me. We live in a turbulent region that we are helping to pacify. Egypt also has an African dimension.

Al-Ahram (Egypt)

Commitments, not promises”, by Hosni Mubarak, Al Ahram, September 1st, 2005. Text adapted from an interview. We decided not to deal with the matters related to the Egyptian economic life.