Last year, after the Coalition’s attack against Fallujah, independent journalist Dahr Jamail published photos of civilian bodies whose wounds were similar to the ones caused by white phosphorus (deep burns in the skin, even melted skin), a chemical weapon which falls under the category of chemical weapons prohibited by the Geneva Convention, such as gas or bacteriological weapons. It is not considered a thermal weapon as long as there is a chemical reaction between phosphorus and oxygen, which annihilates all forms of life in a large area. Several accounts from Fallujah’s population had been widely circulated in 2004, indicating that non-identified substances had killed a large number of civilians. Due to the lack of more material evidence, Voltaire Network abstained from taking up the said hypothesis.
The Italian television network RAI News broadcasted, on November 8, 2005, a documentary that provided evidence about the use of chemical weapons by the U.S. army against the Fallujah civil population. Apart from new accounts of U.S. militaries involved in the attack, including that of Italian journalist Giuliana Sgrena, there are images of a night bombing on neighborhoods of the city, using cluster bombs loaded with white phosphorus.
During the bombing with incendiary bombs carrying phosphorus on the city of Dresden (Germany) in 1945 by the Allies, it was reported that the temperature at ground level had reached 2 000o C in some places; several hundreds of thousands died in such a hell. The same fate was decided for the people of Fallujah.